Someone with a triangular face would fit better in a pair of glasses with very thin rims to balance out the jaw.

A square-shaped person may look best in glasses with round frames, because of the broad forehead. A round face would look great in a rectangular style.

Those with heart-shaped faces could easily fall in love with round, narrow frames to compliment the cheekbones. Almost any pair of sunglasses would look perfect on someone with an oval face, because of their balanced shape. 

Not only should buyers pay attention to the shape of their face, but also the color is equally important.

Finding the right pair of glasses to accentuate that perfect complexion is recommended.

If you have a light complexion, darker colors such as red, navy blue, or black are a good match.

Sunglasses have maximum range of verity according to the face shapes. For those with a darker skin tone, both pastel and bright colors may be a good fit with latest designer sunglasses designs.

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