Sunglasses Meet The High Standard

This pair of Sunglasses  has been around for a little while now and it is the most “common” pair of Sunglasses  I have ever seen around.

Now when I say “common” let me qualify that as being for the standard of only the elite wearing such a brand. Sunglasses is known for their sleekness in style and comfort. I have seen these around and I finally decided you should really know if they’ve got the stuff. These are a sleek, and subtle avaitor looking pair of sunglasses with an unusual, yet trendy, triangular shape to the temple which gets smaller the farther back you go.

The hooks at the back of the stem make it hard to fit these sunglasses on top of your head without them falling off. I personally dont recommend you even try because they will fall off with very little effort. The hooks are good for keeping a firm grip on your head while wearing them. Even when I would bend down to pick something up the glasses wouldn’t even budge.

It is clear that Sunglasses  wanted these glasses to be worn in all types of occasions, not just formal wear. The lenses on these sunglasses were very dark and blocked a premium amount of sunlight, which I was impressed with.

The darkness of the tint made the lens look glossy on the outside, in case of a black tie event, but functionable on the inside because they blocked most of the sun from even entering into the glasses.

The aligator-like pattern also made this pair of Prada’s stand out among many other pairs of sunglasses because if you are going to a black tie event, it will go with that black tie with glossy dots on the side that you have been dying to find an excuse to wear. When one isnt wearing these, where do you put them though. Well, with the hooks on the stem of the glasses it is easy to hook them onto your ears on the back side of your head.

This is the new way to wear stylish sunglasses without wearing them over your eyes. The price of these sunglasses is $29.99, which is a typical price for Sunglasses, but you get what you pay for. Overall though, I was not impressed with what these sunglasses were. Considering I had seen them around a few times, I expected more bang for my buck.

My suggestion is to keep these on hold to wear to your next formal, black tie event. Everyone will be impressed with your sense of style and attention to detail, because after all you did spend $29.99 for a v!