Celebrity Sunglasses: What Are They Wearing?

We all know that when you want to know what is in style as far as sunglasses go, you look no further than celebrities.

Whatever they are wearing is what you'll want to have on your head!
Plenty of big names have been seen wearing different sunglasses, so what do some of the top stars wear?

So who has been caught wearing classic Wayfarers?

Well, almost everybody! Celine Dion, Gwyneth Paltrow, Patrick Dempsey and Anne Hathaway to name a few.

Some celebrities have made it part of their overall look, like Johnny Knoxville.
It's a great choice for them because it covers a good amount of the face so they can go strolling down the block without being recognized so easily!

Clubmaster are another popular choice with celebrities.

Ringo Starr has often made them part of his ensemble, but they are also really popular with young stars like Kevin Jonas, Ashlee Simpson, Natalie Portman and Zac Efron.
It just goes to show how the young stars will keep carrying the Ray Ban style through Hollywood.

They are definitely that  brand that lasts through the years, no matter what.
And it makes sense, considering how classic a look they have!