All style 

When you think of Sunglasses, you usually think of pure and 100% style with little or no regard to the function ability and performance of the product.

This is why I have been skeptical on trying out a pair of their sunglasses but I thought I would need to sometime and I fell in love with this pair of Sunglasses.

This pair of sunglasses is a single conjoined lens, and also has a vertical fade with a shiny silver colored stem, and at the back of the stem there is a white, partly rubber piece on both sides to make sure they don’t fall off easily.

One thing I didn’t like about these is how big the Gucci sign is on both sides of the glasses. This symbol screams at the top of its lungs, Look at Me. When you see that big GG on the side you expect the glasses to be a big pair of mirrored lens sunglasses with an owner that wants some attention, bad.

The rest of the glasses tone that down a bit by having a shade of blue lens which blocks out the big Sunglasses on the side. 

One of my favorite features, and also the most intuitive one that you probably wouldn’t think of is the metal strip along the top part on the inside of the lens (part facing you). I thought it was just for good looks but it actually serves a dual purpose of acting like a frame to keep the lens from breaking or bending. The other purpose for this is when you wear these glasses they fit tightly on your face and the metal strip keeps the lens very close to your face while keeping it clean by not letting a lot of oil come off of your face and on to the lens.

When you want to put them on your head while inside they won’t fall off easily. Of course these can be worn inside because the level of sun blockage is limited at the bottom of the lens.

As light as the tint at the top of the lens is, it blocked a lot of sunlight. I was impressed with this and the preceding features making this not only a VERY stylish pair of sunglasses but also a very functional pair.

This is an awesome example of sunglasses whether for a black tie event, or just a stroll down the beach with someone you care about. This is one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses I have tried so far. This pair changed the way I look at the Sunglasses brand name and may change your mind also.